Nrependra Singh and the Borth Pharmacy Team


With the COVID-19 crisis highlighting the importance of resources which benefit the whole system – including the patient, local pharmacy and GP surgery – the team subsequently developed Repeat Click software, which connects all three parts of the system, working on the same platform. Patient queries can therefore be answered without making a phone call to the pharmacy or GP surgery regarding prescription issues.

Further enhancing their service delivery, the pharmacy transitioned to a new, innovative and pilot PMR system called Titan PMR (from Invatech). Titan uses full FMD, and boasts a full Rx scanning feature, as well as utilises on-screen Rx clinical checks, and has a bar code system at all stages, from start to finish – resulting in dispensing errors being significantly reduced. Titan allows the pharmacist to supervise remotely, with access to a mobile PMR – particularly helpful during COVID-19.