Ellis Nugent and Team

Well, Llantwit Major

Serving a close-knit rural community and a wide range of patients of all ages, diabetic patients have always been a major target group for the team and a key focus for MURs and DMRs.

A particular incident showcasing just how integral the team’s assistance can be occurred when a known diabetic patient who presented to collect their medication was feeling upset after losing a close relative. The team member began to notice that the individual was turning pale and complained about feeling slightly dizzy. Knowing that these were potential signs of hypoglycaemia, another member was alerted to supply the patient with dextrose tablets and some biscuits. The patient made a recovery, thanked the team for their crucial help, and confirmed that she was experiencing a hypoglycaemic episode. Thanks to the team’s quick thinking and knowledge, they were able to prevent a potential hospital admission and further complications.

Instilling comfort in their patients, the team are perfectly placed to put them at ease and thus ensure that they are using their medication correctly, and having regular blood tests and diabetes checks at the surgery. Also sharply aware of when to identify potential issues and refer accordingly, individuals can be assured that they are getting the most out of their treatment.