Llyr Williams, Penygroes Pharmacy, Gwynedd

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

Being in such a rural, tight-knit community, it is extremely important to Llyr that he delivers a tailored and confidential service to each of his patients; aiming to put the pharmacy at the heart of the village, as a first port-of-call for the local community. He always ensures that each patient receives the best care possible, whether that be delivering prescriptions or shop items during his lunch hour, or recognising the need for one of his elderly patients to have their medication in MDS.

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Llyr has been involved in establishing a successful community volunteer delivery scheme. This involved more than 30 local volunteers who helped to distribute vital medication to those most in need, especially to elderly patients or those who were self-isolating. As a result, several hundred prescriptions were delivered to patients across a six-mile radius, and it was a lifeline to the rural community.

Aware of the impact of winter pressures, Llyr has also conducted discussions with the local health board and other local healthcare professionals to ensure a maximised uptake of the flu vaccination service.