Alex Speakman and the Pharmacy Nutrition Support Team and Aseptic Services Team, SMPU

Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

Established in 1999 at the University Hospital of Wales, since 2001 the team have been providing a local service for patients requiring long-term home parenteral nutrition because of intestinal failure.

They contributed massively to NHS Wales’ response to the Calea Home Parenteral Nutrition crisis earlier this year.    

The commercial supplier, Calea, experienced significant capacity restrictions, imposed by the regulator with little notice. This meant that patients’ supply of HPN was suddenly affected and individuals experienced insufficient supplies of PN. The team thus took up the challenge of risk assessing patients receiving HPN in Wales to identify the highest risk patients that needed to continue on bespoke compounded PN bags and those that could potentially be temporarily prescribed alternative ‘off the shelf ‘bags – working tirelessly to set up the processes and procedures required.