Dave Edwards

South Pembrokeshire Cluster

Working as a multi-agency team, a roadmap has been laid out and gradually implemented to improve respiratory health across Pembrokeshire and beyond.

Starting small, Dave participated in meetings with the specialist respiratory nurses, Deb Hartman and Sian Rowlands, to identify the problems and possible improvements. Additionally, long involved in smoking cessation services, he liaised with Cath Einon, service development manager, Smoke Free Support Service, to see how the excellent work in this field can be further promoted, and spent time in specialist out-patient chest clinics talking to those running them. The plan of action has also involved examining the damage caused by smoking, particularly in deprived areas, and devising innovative ways to reduce smoking cessation rates.

More recently, Dave has engaged with a singing teacher promoting lung health through singing classes geared for patients with COPD and a physiotherapist examining the viability of virtual pulmonary rehabilitation classes.