Rhys Williams and the Princess of Wales Pharmacy Cardiology Team

Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board

With patient care a core concern for the team, they encourage the individuals they assist to take an active interest in their health. In particular, in the pharmacist-led up-titration clinic, the patient is involved in decisions regarding their HF management, while issues are addressed appropriately.

As well as providing pharmacist-led services, the team have also gained approval to train the cardiology pharmacy technician to provide anticoagulation counselling to patients at ward level.

With many medications being employed in cardiology that require continuous infusion and titration of doses to response, such as intravenous nitrates and inotropic agents, the team are integral in aiding the prescribing, administration and titration of these drugs. As a result of their efforts, drug monographs were created, ratified and published for doctors and nursing staff to ensure the safe and effective administration of these agents.