The Mayberry Pharmacy and MediPack Team


Mayberry Pharmacy have for some time realised that a large proportion of their customers on multiple medications find it difficult to safely manage their own medication at home. This may be particularly pronounced in the elderly population, those with cognitive issues, and individuals who may have physical difficulties, such as arthritis.

MediPack have therefore simplified the process, packaging all medication into easy-to-open pouches that significantly improve medication compliance and patient health outcomes. Mayberry Pharmacy believe that supporting their patients to manage their own medication at home is not only beneficial to the individual in question, but to their family and the NHS as a whole.

The introduction of clearly demarcated ranges, with planogrammed ranges, new ranges and the use of Facebook to promote special offers, has had a positive effect on retail sales.

Signposting has also been achieved in the pharmacy by blocking products into specific 1m product sections. A new range of independent living products has been introduced, too, to support self-care for patients with mobility issues, impaired hearing, etc. An array of diagnostic equipment for monitoring blood pressure and blood glucose levels is on offer, and NHS services are actively promoted within each of the branches, through the use of window posters and in-branch activity.