The Boots Pharmacy Team

Brunel Way, Swansea

The Sore Throat Test and Treat programme enables the pharmacists to triage patients presenting with symptoms of a sore throat. Where necessary they then complete a five-to-10-minute swab-based test on the patient and, following the results, support the patient with self-care advice, education around antimicrobial stewardship and, where necessary, antibiotics to treat the infection. Following a successful pilot roll-out to the pharmacy, the service has been more widely rolled out across Swansea Bay University Health board, allowing greater accessibility for patients.

The team were extremely motivated to get involved in the new service. Each member was trained in the use of the FeverPAIN score to triage patients and offer advice around self-care. Additional self-care advice links were added to each computer, allowing the team members to offer written, as well as verbal, advice to patients – freeing up time for the pharmacist to assess those who definitely needed testing.