The Fferyllwyr Llyn Team


Fferyllwyr Llyn was established in July 2003 and since then has grown to be an independent group of four pharmacies leading the way in the delivery of pharmaceutical care in North West Wales with innovative and exciting services.

At the heart of Fferyllwyr Llyn team’s work is their vision and drive to not only deliver already well-established clinical services, but to embrace change and be the first in North Wales to deliver the independent pharmacist-led Acute Conditions Service. The achievement of having five pharmacists qualified as independent prescribers in a small independent pharmacy group, as well as having the Acute Conditions Service being delivered in all of their branches, clearly demonstrates commitment and dedication to the profession and to the health of the local population.

Innovative use of technology to promote prudent pharmacy and not being afraid of being the first Welsh pharmacy to use a new PMR system is indicative of Fferyllwyr Llyn’s determination to drive pharmacy forward and make the best use of all their team members’ skills.

Against a backdrop of COVID-19 pressures, the staff have been wearing PPE, regularly cleaning pharmacies on top of their daily workloads, working extra hours, and even self-isolating from their families to continue to come to work.