Cerian Screen

Talybont Pharmacy

Prior to her start in Talybont Pharmacy, Cerian had worked for Stop Smoking Wales and was keen to start the service in Talybont. The uptake was tremendous, and the success rate was over 60 per cent.

During the pandemic, with it being difficult to attain a GP appointment, patients have increasingly turned to the pharmacy even more as a front-line service. This is not just with Choose Pharmacy and IP appointments, but also in accessing advice in relation to the management of general and mental health during lockdown. With the advent of the pandemic, the owner Gary Jones, also the owner of Prodeliverymanager, was approached by the Welsh government to provide a logistic application for vulnerable patients self-isolating. Cerian was happy to work full-time to allow Gary time to implement his app nationwide.

In order to assist patients in navigating the different elements of their health, promotional material is available in the pharmacy, while a large screen is at hand displaying services and self-care. The team have also established a respectable reputation for their engagement with patients – taking every opportunity provided to promote healthy living – and the pharmacy are one of the few places in Wales where you can currently get face-to-face help with smoking cessation and weight loss.